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Platform School of Architecture presents selected works, projects and events made by students and employees from Faculty of Architecture Brno University of technology from 2018 till today.

Faculty of Architecture Brno University of Technology (FA BUT) is first and foremost a community of people enthusiastic about architecture and learning about the world around us through architecture. FA BUT aspires to be an open platform inviting you to meet and think about, design, and even build architecture.

Through our common adventure and curiosity, we hope to inspire you, and in return, we expect to be transformed and moulded as an institution by your participation, over and over again.

We are a rather small faculty where you can feel always at home and welcomed; however, we are also a collective large enough to nurture competing ideas about architecture and city planning. We offer an open and liberal environment attracting an international audience of students and teachers.

Our strategic position in Central Europe gives us an opportunity to meet and learn from people from Austria, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, for example. Within the firm tradition of a technical university, we provide all the necessary skills of “professional training”; however, our mission is much more than that. We strive to help you to find your place in the world and to reinvent ourselves if that is necessary to be successful in doing that. Our ultimate goal is to support our students in doing what they find relevant by doing what we love.

Ing. arch. MArch Jan Kristek, Ph.D.

Become a part of our community and start your architecture studies at FA BUT. We offer bachelor, master and doctoral study programs as well as Short-term studies.

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