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2021 /Brno art open 2019/

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    Jaroslav Sedlák
    Other authors: David Helešic

    As part of their installation 2021, David Helešic and Jaroslav Sedlák offer a view from the "city perch". It is directed to the center of a long-term problematic place in the city center: the construction site of the Janáček Cultural Center, whose protracted non-realization belongs to a series of Brno's unfulfilled dreams, or rather nightmares today. The preserved concrete area is a sounding board for the ills of handling public contracts, the inability to respect the result of an architectural competition, corruption affairs, lawsuits and a strange political background. The result is a blind spot in the organism of the city, absurdly fenced off by a wooden fence with an almost western tone, which is supposed to give the impression that everything is in the best order. In this sense, the subtle wooden construction by David Helešice and Jaroslav Sedlák built on the roof of the Praha cafe in Brno is a direct institutional and, in a broader sense, socio-political criticism.