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Apartment house Absolonova

  • The new construction of the apartment building is located in k.ú. Brno-Komín. The house is a continuation of the existing terraced buildings on the given street. It respects its street line and also follows its neighbors in height. The house designed with its mass does not reduce the sunlight conditions of the surrounding buildings. A roundabout is planned in front of the house. All parking spaces are designed on the builder's property - 3 facing the street, the other 5 spaces are located in the yard.

    The proposed house tries to harmoniously follow the stabilized conditions in the area in terms of material, shape and function. The mass of the house is divided in such a way as to maintain the scale of the townhouses in the street. This intention is underlined by the color solution of the facades.
    The house contains one underground floor, two above-ground floors, and instead of an attic, one receding floor is proposed. On the ground floor there is a passage to the yard-garden.
    The morphology of the house is modernist, just like the surrounding terraced and detached buildings from the 70s and 80s of the last century. The northern facade creates a covered entrance to the house by projecting the upper floors. The southern facade is complemented by balconies and loggias. A residential terrace is designed on the last receding floor.
    The material of the facades is assumed to be colored drawn plaster and wooden fillings of the openings. Locksmith elements made of galvanized steel. The paving around the building is intended to be concrete, in the yard grass tiles.

    The house is designed as a maximally flexible structure. The vertical communication - the staircase - is located in the center of gravity of the layout, so the individual floors can be used for 1-3 apartments. In total, up to 9 apartments can be built in the house.