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Apollo and Marsyas. The story of art in Moravia

  • Moravia, a country in the middle of Europe, has for centuries been a crossroads of cultures, which were most visibly expressed in art. Since the Middle Ages, artists and artisans from all over Europe have travelled to the country to work on extraordinary works of art in concert with knowledgeable commissioners. Together with them, local artists left an unmistakable trace in Moravia and developed the incoming impulses. The book, with its extensive pictorial appendix, tells the long story of art in Moravia and, alongside painting, architecture and sculpture, also pays attention to the people who are inextricably linked to it. It begins with the art of prehistoric times, pays attention to the medieval period, the Renaissance, Mannerism, follows the Baroque period from the point of view of art supported by the aristocracy, the church and the bourgeoisie, and notes the art of the Rococo, the 19th century and modern trends in the 20th century. The book also focuses on the origins of photography in Moravia and women in art. The book was published by Vutium in cooperation with HOST. Photographs were provided by a number of Czech and foreign cultural institutions.