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Auditorium and Tunnel

To celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Architecture, a realization of a proposal by a pair of students from the Kristek-Sedlák studio took place at the Faculty. The studio project focused on the functioning of the building of the Faculty of Architecture in the time of a possible festival. The design included a significant element of an auditorium in an enclosed courtyard as a meeting place and a passage through the building as a more accessible entrance to the faculty building, which also fundamentally changes the operation and perception of the building. Two years later, at the request of the architecture faculty, the project was reworked and implemented with the participation of students to make the intervention one of the key moments in the celebration of the faculty's founding.
Structures that were planned as temporary have gradually become an integral part of the lives of students and faculty who use the auditorium platform on a daily basis. The story of how a studio project by two students was reworked into a workable design and then built by the students themselves is an apt example of the true profession of architecture as a person who is involved in all phases of a project, from a simple idea to full implementation. Observing how the intervention has positively changed the functioning and atmosphere of the school is a pleasant post-phase of the architectural profession that the students and teachers were also able to experience.