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Autumn school in Siberia: architectural workshop

  • The architectural workshop with lectures took place on October 10-12. 10. 2019.

    Almost every part of the city now has dilapidated community centers that used to be the center of a locality or neighborhood. Cinemas, halls, cultural centers, meeting places. Locals miss them and initiatives are emerging that try to reconstruct them.

    However, they often find themselves in a complicated situation thanks to limited resources. So how can you repair and revitalize the heart of a locality without millions of investments? This is the goal and challenge of the projects prepared by the architecture students at the three-day workshop in October, which will not just end up in a drawer - the output should be a visual design of the shape of the hall, which can then be practically implemented.

    The workshop will also include evening lectures by foreign and domestic guests from universities and presentations of created projects.

    The following participated in the workshop as lecturers or lectures: Jan Blažek, Veronika Šrek Bromová, Jarmila Fučíková, Merdzana Mujkanovic, Hana Slouková, Radek Toman

    The event was organized by Sibiř together with the Faculty of Architecture Brno BUT, vice-dean Radek Toman and the Elgartova Gymnasium.