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    Daniel Struhařík
    Other authors: Zdeněk Chmel, Martin Fröhlich, Ulrike Dix, Hanno Schröder, Miroslav Chmel, Miroslav Malý

    The famous gallery of contemporary art and architecture will be revamped by the architects AFF + Malý Chmel, winning team of the architectural competition launched by the city of Budweis, Czechia.
    By cleaning up the house to its essence, arises new quality – a generous and flexible exhibition space.
    We understand the gallery as the cultural heart of the city. Proposed roof landscape creates new spaces of “Open platform” with a unique character, it also lowers the house towards the courtyard, which is therefore more pleasant to stay in.
    We want to imprint the pure visual character of the existing gallery to the whole house.
    The design allows easy change of function in the future without the need to intervene in load-bearing structures.