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The project of students of the Faculty of Architecture within the Design-build studio, which is now being developed at the Faculty under the guidance of the pedagogical team Ponešová/ Foretník/ Smržová. This object is the second one in a row.

The principle of this type of creation is researching the given location, creating one's own thought process, creating a concept, design, implementation documentation and subsequent realization of the work created by the students. The strength of this process is the additional experience and principles that students gain in the process of creating the work itself, from sourcing suppliers and materials to the actual implementation - the final workshop. The objects created in this way do not remain on campus, but are in direct contact with the public and students can observe not only the response to their work, but also the impact of the surrounding environment (aging of the material, etc.)

Specifically in this project we explored the possibilities of placing a pilgrimage chapel in an urban structure. The classical concept of this kind of chapel is understood as an architecture set in the landscape, which is often the destination of spiritual journeys and pilgrimages. We chose to conceptualize the chapel from the perspective of a 21st century individual surrounded by the city instead of the landscape.

Location: front garden of FA BUT Brno, stop Poříčí
Status: under construction, 2021
Team: studio work of students Klarisa Kyselková, Natálie Ivkovičová, Barbora Menšíková and Viola Hertelová under the guidance of the pedagogical team Ponešová/ Foretník/ Smržová .

Design of sail construction and cut - Kobra studio
Static - doc. Ing. Petr Frantík, Ph.D.
Locksmith and welding works - kovoprokeš, s.r.o.