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Church of Beatified Restituta

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Marek Štěpán
Other authors: František Brychta, Vanda Štěpánová, Jan Vodička, Marin Kopecký, Petr Kvíčala

The design of the church built in the heart of the housing estate at the mouth of the Čertova rokle ravine emerged from a demanding architectural competition with an international jury. As the building cannot compete with the surrouning buildings in terms of size, it has been designed to be very simple in expression, elementary in geometry, and therefore easily legible. A rectangular plateau is laid out on the plot that defines the sacred district. There are three basic masses on it – the church, the tower, and the spiritual centre (designed by Zdeněk Bureš). The original centre is rectangular, the tower is triangular and the church is circular, which means the three basic geometric shapes are all represented. The sacred district is built on a completely different scale which differentiates it from the surrounding blocks of flats and creates a dominant on a wholly new level.