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Circo Aereo

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    Tomáš Kozelský
    Other authors: Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Marcello Coldani

    Circo aéreo is a traveling installation that explores the underutilized potential of empty urban spaces and their often inadequate and inappropriate vicarious functions, such as parking lots.
    The building reactivates these underutilized spaces by providing a stage for events and a place to meet or relax. The four-meter high inflatable object serves as a projection screen, as a light source at night and provides shading during hot days.
    The ring-shaped object is also a visual reminder of the problem of CO2 production in our cities, as it visualizes the amount of 1 ton in the shape of an inflated balloon, raising environmental awareness in the public sphere and giving citizens the opportunity to reflect on their current way of life.
    The inflatable structure is recycled from a previous use in the city of Brno and we are happy to reuse the material with a slightly changed and improved function. We believe that at present it is necessary to try to consume less and give priority to rebuilding already existing things.
    The lower part of the Circo aéreo serves as a structure that brings out the upper inflatable ring, but also for sitting in the circular amphitheater when organizing various events. By reducing the entrance height under the inflatable structure to only 1.5 meters, visitors have to bend down to get inside the installation. Once inside, you can experience being surrounded by pure form and the infinity of the white circle.
    In addition, the newly created intervention brings a feeling of care and belonging to the place. Hopefully, this will contribute to more frequent cleaning and strengthen the feeling of safety in this location.