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deLight pavilion

  • Taking human desire and the body as the source of inspiration for aesthetics, the deLight project explores the effect of abstract-organic shapes combined with the dynamics of light and sound on human senses. At the same time, he is testing the use of ultra-elastic textiles as an architectural element.

    The output of the project is the realization of an architectural sculpture - a pavilion, 1:1, presented at the Prototyp art and technology festival in 2018 in the grounds of the Brno Exhibition Center. The project deals with testing the material possibilities of tensioned fabrics on a scale usable in public space and their effect on conventional frame construction. The object is designed as demountable, so it can be subsequently moved and re-erected in another type of public space.

    The structure is made of steel scaffolding tubes with a diameter of 48 mm, a thickness of 3 mm, in lengths of 4000, 2700 and 1800 mm. Scaffolding couplings, so-called "flip-flops" (16 pcs) and legs (4 pcs) are used for the joints. The textile was hand-stitched from ten pieces of medical tubular bandage. Each belt had a diameter of 0.14 m and a length of 20 m in tension. This specially woven fabric has an extensibility of up to around 1000%, which made it possible to create graceful shapes.

    Sound and light effects were custom designed for the installation (The Manifesto, authors are Luboš Zbranek and Michal Mitro).