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Exhibition: Prachovnice (Dust Weavers)

Dust particles carry various chemical and biological substances, including coronaviruses, capable of lingering in the air we breathe for hours, days, or even weeks. Over the course of our lives, we unknowingly inhale an average of 18 kilograms of such dust particles.
Our bodies are not adapted to perceive the invisible dust particles that are a natural part of ecosystems or those generated by human activity. "Dust Weavers" is a scientific and artistic project that explores dust particles as carriers of toxins, products of our culture, and economic cycles that have accumulated over time on the facades of not only cultural monuments. This layer of dust is constantly removed, symbolizing the bitter truth about our polluted environment, air toxicity, and the omnipresent climate change. The goal of the "Dust Weavers" exhibition is to draw attention to the phenomenon of dust and recalibrate our perception, processing, and understanding of the impact of human activity on the environment in which we live. When will we learn to coexist with our environment rather than constantly struggling against it?

Exhibition: Prachovnice (Dust Weavers)
Adam Hudec
8. 10. 2020 - 30. 12. 2020
Galerie Architektury Brno
Starobrněnská 18, 602 00 Brno