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Experimental Objects - Woman, Man and Nest

Kristýna Smržová, Marek Štěpán, Barbora Ponešová
Other authors: Tomáš Bystroň, Noemi Cziriová, Barbora Hradilová, Tomáš Charvát, Markéta Mívaltová, Jakub Morávek, Lucie Nováčková, Jakub Onuščák, Tereza Strohnerová, Samuel Šošovička, Dominika Vasková, Iva Vašáková, Nela Velechovská, Martin Voldán

Fourteen students from the studio of Barbara Ponešová, Kristýna Smržová and Marek Štěpán from the Faculty of Architecture of the BUT explored the possibilities of wood as a building material. In the course of the project, dozens of designs were created, of which three selected - Woman, Man and Nest - were realized in the village of Lelekovice. Experimental buildings built by the hands of young architects are open to the public throughout the year.

Wood, Latin lignum, has been one of the basic building materials since time immemorial. Its use is constantly evolving and changing. As part of their studio lessons, the students were tasked with experimenting with this natural material and designing buildings for a picturesque location in the Moravian village of Lelekovice.

During the semester, 28 designs were created. Towards the end, a team of students, together with teachers and the mayor of Lelekovice, selected the best ones and built a trio of objects on their own in a workshop called 3m3 lignum 1:1, which will serve as a place for locals and tourists to live in the Poňava and Paseky area behind the turntable. The towers, called Man and Woman, resemble this pair of symbols not only visually, but also in the principle of operation of the structure itself, made of wooden lumber and shingles. The trinity is completed by a Nest woven of wicker and grounded stones.