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final_final: Under the Patronage - Intervention in Dominican Square

For the third time, Brno waited for the results of the architectural and artistic competition for the proposal of a water feature for Dominican Square. The first of these competitions took place fifteen years ago, the second last year. However, both ended in fiascos after the Brno city administration - despite the recommendation of an expert jury - refused to implement the winning design simply because it was not liked by part of the political representation. In recent years, the City Hall has also come up with its own - more or less bizarre - attempts to incorporate an artistic element into the square: whether by moving another fountain or by installing an (already existing) sculptural work into the site.
"With this installation, we are responding not only to the local fountain issue, but also to the dismal state of architectural competitions in Brno in general." Both Helešic and Valíček agree. The temporary installation, entitled "Under the Patronage", responds both to the abuse of the institution of the competition and to the thwarted work of the winning artist collective and all the other participants.
The intervention was created in collaboration with the Brno Architecture Gallery and the Faculty of Architecture at the Brno University of Technology.
The project is realized with the financial support of the Municipality of Brno, the Ministry of Culture, the Foundation of Czech Architecture and the Faculty of Architecture of Brno University of Technology.
final_final is a collective dealing with installations and events based on the local (versus global) context of contemporary architecture, urbanism and society. Together they graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Brno.