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Galgenberg Olomouc

Contract research on the possibility of commercial use of the redoubt of the former fort on Šibeniční Hill (Galgenberg), which is part of the fortress wreath of the Statutory City of Olomouc. The aim of the contract research was to find the optimal use of the listed building for the development company with an emphasis on economic sustainability and preservation of the historical and cultural value of the building. The results of the contract research were presented as part of a set of activities under the collective title ACHTUNG FESTUNG (together with Ing. arch. MgA. Vojtěch Jemelka), which included a public presentation of the GALGENBERG project and the projects of Vojtěch Jemelka's students, a joint exhibition, guided tours and a panel discussion with the participation of Prof. Rostislav Švácha on the possibilities of using the set of historical fragments in contemporary urban design.