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Hlubočepy detached house

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    Szymon Rozwalka
    Other authors: Adéla Kyselová, Ada Rypl-Žabčíková, Jakub Staník, Jan Vojtíšek

    The proposed building is located on the border of two different worlds: the urban and the natural. Fromthe north-western side of the site is a wedge of bio-corridor stretching along the Dalejský Brook. The corridor is enhanced by the distinctive exposure of the Hlubočepské Rocks.
    Urban space surrounds the site on the south and east sides. It is a chaotic and random development,
    often adversely affecting the value of the projected terrain. The form and spatial layout of the house is a direct response to this context. The proposed house design seeks to extend the natural context into the interior of the site and into the interiors. On the other hand the house is then separated from the ‘urban world’, for which it becomes an abstract body that, through its form and scale corresponds to the surrounding rocks in the background.