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Horace multifunctional arena in Jihlava

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    Josef Chybík
    Other authors: Ondřej Chybík, Michal Krištof

    Located on the border of Jihlava’s historical center, the versatile space, adjacent to a park and university, blends within its surrounding urban landscape through the introduction of several public spaces nested throughout the buildings. A transparent and fluid transition between spaces, the arena encourages new initiatives and lays the foundations for free movement and interaction.

    Generating four distinct buildings, two of which already exist, connected through open-air walkways and green spaces, the project will take on a spacious new arena at the center. The existing stadium will undergo full reconstruction and the sports academy will be refurbished to host new functionalities. Conceived as a versatile space, space can serve at the same time as a hockey rink, exhibitions and events hall, and concert venue.