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Liko-s Kovo

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    Jiří Vítek
    Other authors: Zdeněk Fránek

    The architecture of the structure fully aligns with the central idea of the entire design, which is to coexist with nature while enjoying all the conveniences of modern life. The goal here is to live in harmony with nature, without any hindrance, both visually and practically.

    The facade of the extension is enveloped in vertical planters, allowing filtered sunlight to penetrate the building through these vertical gardens. Live greenery also finds its place inside the structure. Surfaces are hygienic, mainly featuring natural materials in a contemporary interpretation, such as plywood, OSB panels, laminate, and tongue-and-groove wood. The floors are smooth and white. The roof is a lush green, covered in vegetation.

    The phrasing of the structural system is reflected in the protruding walls, creating openings to allow light into the hall. The saw-toothed roof design introduces natural light from above.

    The attributes of true ecological design are embodied in the architectural forms themselves. In this case, the building becomes a pure natural form of a new kind that acknowledges its origin and minimizes the presence of tangible elements.