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Modernity and the Holocaust

  • The project deals with the design of the Holocaust Documentation Center in Moravia. The project was preceded by an analytical part, which examined the city of Brno in connection with the issue of modernist thinking in society. The result of this theoretical work was, in addition to defining the scheme of the term "Otherness", also a map of the so-called "second" often rejected Brno.

    The project focuses on the interconnectedness of the Holocaust and modern society. I try to find answers to the questions of this issue mainly through architecture and I apply my ideas to the design of the documentation center.
    Thanks to the findings from previous analyzes, the work gets to the topic of regulated and unregulated spaces, which the concept of the whole building is based on. The building is thus divided into two functional units. The lower part functions as an unregulated elemental structure, which becomes the life of the building. It interconnects individual functions and offers many possibilities of movement and division of space. This part is made of steel and, unlike the other part, looks much looser. The second part is the mass of the exhibition, which is lifted to the highest part of the object. This part is a controlled and regulated area. Thanks to its massive mass and concrete facade, it works looks hard and thus creates contrast not only in the level of operation, but also in the visual level. These parts work in a mutual relationship and thus create one unit, which is a combination of exhibition space and additional program such as a cafe, children's center, library or restaurant.