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Monocoque II

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    Martin Kaftan
    Other authors: Adam Cingel´, Adriána Fabiánová, Lukáš Janák, Pavla Kolomazníková, Denisa Koutná, Petra Mlýnková, Klára POdešvová, Tereza Sochorková, Klára Vaculíková, Rebeka Vrbinčíková, Jitka Alexová, Vít Kučera, Vladimír Kysela, Kristýna Moravčíková

    The Monocoque team project was implemented in a location called Feuerberg (Mountain of Fire) in the Podyjí National Park. It is an ancient occult place where solstice celebrations used to take place with wonderful views of the South Moravian landscape and the territory of Lower Austria.
    The structure was created by a process of ¨bandaging¨ - bending and interweaving thin laths around an air mold until the overall strength for suspension was achieved.
    The design of the structure was guided by the creation of static curves using computer simulation. On site, the construction was completed by weaving laths around the trunks and branches of the supporting tree. This process provides a great weight-to-strength ratio and at the same time a unique transformation of the interior space through the articulation and penetration of sunlight through the structures.