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New colonies in Louny

Jan Hora, Adéla Šoborová
Other authors: Adam Hajdák, Alžbeta Bumbálová, David Dubáň, Karolína Gavroňová, Kristýna Ordeltová, Michaela Kirnerová, Pavel Konopka, Veronika Pečeňová, Vilma Belanská, Vojtěch Nejeschleba.

Students from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology in Brno presented their visions of new forms of housing in the Josef Fousko pavilion in Louna. Visitors could see eight projects at the exhibition, which show the possibilities of construction in the north-western suburb of Loun through architectural models, plans and visualizations.

Students led by architects Jan Hora and Adély Šoborová had the task of designing a solution for the Mělecký suburb area, which represents a typical unorganized urban periphery, where technical infrastructure meets commercial facilities and scattered residential buildings.

The aim of the assignment was to design new residential complexes where it will be good to live, new colonies in which Louny has a long tradition. As part of the academic assignment, the students did not have to be bound by real restrictions and could think about the proposal as an ideal housing model of the near future. The projects represent contemporary solutions for living in a small town. They are looking for the optimum between comfort, building density, sustainability, privacy and sharing.

The students were concerned not only with the form of the apartments themselves, but also with the environment and the connections between the individual houses. In this way, structures were created that use the territory efficiently. At the same time, they ensure the privacy of the residents and provide shared spaces in the form of a meadow, playground, or greenhouses. The projects show what housing could look like not only for families with children, which offers coveted private gardens, but also solves the problems associated with typical satellite construction.

"The Mělnické suburb represents a key development area of Loun," pointed out at the opening of the exhibition the mayor of Loun Mgr. At B.Sc. Milan Rychtaryk. "There are currently two urban planning competitions for the design of residential areas in the west of Loun," adds the city's chief architect Ing. arch. Radek Janoušek, "soon we will know the results."

A stop of the future high-speed line is planned in Louny, which will speed up the connection to the Prague metropolis. This accessibility could lead to an increase in the number of people commuting to work in Prague who are not comfortable living in the big city.

The exhibition was on view in the main hall of the Josef Fousko pavilion from 7 to 19 October 2023. The exhibition is organized by the city of Louny in cooperation with the Municipal Library of Louny and the Faculty of Architecture of BUT in Brno.