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Next Gen Park

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    Tomáš Kozelský
    Other authors: Alexandra Georgescu, Viktor Odstrčilík, Kateřina Baťková, Marcello Coldani, Maria Fonseca, Oleksandr Voropai

    The monumental inflatable object symbolizes approximately one ton of carbon dioxide, the annual emission of which in the Czech Republic amounts to 9.8 tons/person. The goal of this installation was to encourage public discussion and raise awareness about the environment. The "spacecraft" served as a discussion center during the day. For example, topics such as the use of public spaces, the implementation of natural elements in urban spaces, the revitalization of brownfields, the prevention of waste and the economical management of water and energy sources were discussed. At night, the installation transformed into a screen on which an interactive animation ran showing the main indicators of carbon dioxide production.