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Once it Was

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Francisco Lobo, Romea Muryń
Other authors: Ana Paula Ramirez Venegas, Barbora Hradilová, Daphnée Duc, Jana Řehořová, Joris Käfer, Laura Fonteneau, Liza Bokeria, Locument, Marine Chabirand, Mariya Agyeyeva , Martin Šálek, Miriam Wuttig, Radek Zabloudil, Radim Koutný, Patrycja Owczarska, Petra Mojžíšová, Tatuka Dolidze

Movie made by students in design studio led by Romea Muryn and Francisco Lobo (Locument) at FA BUT. The movie "Once it was" was screened at the Tbilisi Biennial 2022

Architecture as a reflection of contemporary times, becomes a representation of the state of affairs. In the manifestation of architectural decisions, there is the capacity to represent ideas and ideals. There is the power to reflect, portray and/or enforce the ideologies of a nation, country, territory or group of people. It is here that architecture has the capacity to become symbolic. However, what occurs to the architecture once these ideas collapse? Once people stop accepting their ideology? Do they become a symbol of their own failure? Or do they have the capacity to adapt and be reinterpreted, taking up new meanings for its users and visitors?

This documentary research movie is a complex portrait of the evolution of Tbilisi’s reaction to its post-soviet context through architecture. By following the routines of these buildings - through the people who use - inhabit - visit - experience them, it draws a myriad of perspectives, opinions and understandings of how to deal with symbolic heritage and, especially “what’s next” for these former symbols. More than a formal document or register, the film captures the dynamics of each building, which act as a bridge to the creation of a portrait of how the city and the country react to their symbolic heritage.

Produced by Locument, Faculty of Architecture BUT, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial