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Magdaléna Juřicová, Jan Foretník, Barbora Ponešová, Kristýna Smržová
Other authors: Ing. arch. Jan Foretník, PhD., Ing. arch. Barbora Ponešová, PhD., Ing. arch. Kristýna Smržová

The Svitava riverbank has the potential to be a relaxation zone, but in the stretch near Cejl and Tkalcovská streets, the social problems of the locality flow into it. The studio's brief was to design an object working with the area.
Magdalena Juřicová, a student of the 5th year of the FA BUT, designed a central building that is a response to the working-class tradition of the site and refers to the memorial of workers' demonstrations that is located near the site. Magdalena envisioned the circular structure as a place for discussion with an emphasis on freedom of expression. Of course, the big question from the beginning was how the object would function in this environment. At present, the building has been transferred to the ownership of the Brno-North district.