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Penthouse on the roof of the convenience store

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    Jan Kratochvíl
    Other authors: Milan Domkář

    The building's architecture adheres to modernist aesthetics, i.e. simple cubic shapes, flat roofs, roof terraces, sash windows, discreet colors and high-quality construction details. Ideologically, it follows the architecture of the original one-story building, but in a contemporary standard. The mass of the building is divided into several volumes so that it does not create a massive impression. The volumes recede from the face of the facade and create roof terraces, adding attractiveness and modernity to the superstructure.

    The apartment unit in the superstructure is functionally divided, especially in relation to the orientation of the rooms to the cardinal points and the resulting lighting and sun exposure of the living rooms. The stairs going up to the superstructure are located on the adjacent northern lot. The staircase is connected to the lee, designed as an atrium, from which there is both access to the apartment and to the storage room, which replaces the usual basement cubicle. From the vestibule it is possible to enter both the social part of the apartment and the private wing of the bedrooms. The living room is spaciously designed - its headroom is higher than other rooms in the extension. Thanks to the glass wall, which will be equipped with an outdoor textile awning, it is possible to enter the roof terrace, which is partly grassy with a green roof system, and partly pedestrianized - a grid with larch terrace boards. The living room is connected to the kitchen and dining area. Through the hallway, you can enter the pantry and the toilet from the kitchen. Adjacent to the living room is a room for housework. The quiet zone of the apartment contains two bedrooms. The parents' bedroom is supplemented with a dressing room. The comfortable main bathroom of the apartment is located in a quiet private part. It is possible to enter the eastern terrace from the bedrooms - it is designed in the same way as the terrace on the south-western side of the superstructure.