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Reconstruction of the Rýmařov Municipal Museum

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    Svatopluk Sládeček
    Other authors: Jaroslav Matoušek, Tereza Novotná

    The museum is not only a place of exhibitions and collections, but a space serving the public. A space where people meet at various social events. In a small town, the museum preserves the treasures of the past that we should not forget and offers space for public life in the present. And that is exactly what the reconstructed museum in Rýmařov combines. The building modifications do not aim to significantly interfere with the urban structure, but to "dust off" the existing building and give it a new face based on considerations of the museum as an institution of the 21st century.

    Despite the new solution, the building respects the historical context of the neighboring buildings and preserves its scale from the side of the square. With its approach to the urban planning solution, it enables the creation of a corner landmark. The proposal transforms a simple middle-class house into an object corresponding to the function of a city museum and gallery.