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Strategic plan for Brno University Hospital

  • 2023
    Kristina Richter Adamson, Radek Suchánek
    Other authors: Monika Bittnerová, Martin Matuška, Alica Ondrušová, Vendula Florková, Kateřina Hrubá, Kateřina Utíkalová, Clara Chvátalová

    The contract research with the second largest hospital in the Czech Republic - Brno University Hospital (Brno Bohunice Campus) - for the elaboration of a strategic development plan for next 30 years for the campus allows the students to experience multidisciplinary cooperation with other professions and thereby gain an understanding of the complexity of designing public buildings and urban planning of large campuses such as hospitals are. In the first half of the project, the students devoted their work towards the gain of the analytical part of the given territory and the possibilities of its development on the basis of innovations that are anticipated in medicine and the healthcare environment with a view to the next 30 years. On the basis of work on the masterplan of the campus students will focus on the design of closer relationships, i.e. interventions or buildings, of a medical, polyfunctional or accommodation buildings in the campus according to their set goals, based on the principles of sustainable (technologically, economically and socially) architecture of their own choice (e.g. regenerative design, circular design, temporary use, biophilic design, etc.)

    Regular meetings with the deputies and heads of the individual centres in the hospital, as well as the results of student proposals, are continuously critically analysed with the authorized representative of the hospital and expertly processed into high-quality new findings and recommendations for the Brno University Hospital within the framework of the contract documents. The already achieved output was a commented walk led by the research lead from faculty of architecture around the buildings and artworks as part of the Day of architecture on 30/9/2023. The output will also be exhibited within the hospital grounds in the first half of 2024. The output of this project is an effective tool for promoting the Faculty of Architecture to a wider audience and will be basis for collaboration with other institutions.