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Straw in Clay Bricks and Plasters - Can we use its Molecular Decay for Dating Purposes?

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Ivana Žabičková
Other authors: Johannes Tintner, Kimberly Roth, Franz Ottner, Zuzana Syrova-Anyzova, Ivana Zabickova, Karin Wriessnig, Roland Meingast, Hubert Feiglstorfer

The study is dealing with the topic of earthen bricks (adobe) and plasters in the Pannonian region, as especially in vernicular architecture in this region, earth with straw amendments is a dominant construction material. The paper presents the potential of the molecular decay of these amendments to establish prediction tools for age based on infrared micrscopic measurements. Although the study focuses on the issue of dating historical structures, its results can be used to understand the quality of the material, which has its relevance even today, and there are academics at the FA BUT who are taking the topic further in this way.