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Szymon Rozwałka RO_AR architects - SARP Poznań/ Poznań-Brno direct link 2022

  • The Poznan-Brno direct link project is a project for the exchange of ideas and experiences between artists from Poznan and Brno - which have been partner cities for more than 50 years. This year's 5th edition of the project took place online and consisted of 6 mini lectures by Poznan and Brno architects.

    SARP 360 ° is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences created by the Association of Polish Architects. On the YouTube channel, the various branches of the Association will present their guests in turn. These will include lectures by Polish and foreign architects, who will present their philosophy of architecture and their design experiences, recordings of debates or walks - whatever the format, these will always be interesting encounters with architecture and its creators.
    Szymon Rozwałka
    Polish architect, working and living in the Czech city of Brno for years. He was born in 1970 in Szczecin. Between 1989 and 1995, he studied at the Faculty of Building and Architecture of the Szczecin University of Technology. In 2001, together with Pavel Wachnicki, he founded the architectural studio C+HO_aR in Szczecin, which in 2007 split into two separate studios in Szczecin and Olomouc. Since 2012, Rozwalka has been the owner of Brno-based RO_aR architects. Rozwalka himself has lived in Brno since 2009. He is a visiting member of the Czech Chamber of Architects.