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Telegraph – loft

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Vojtěch Jemelka
Other authors: Lukáš Blažek, Eva Blažková, Vojtěch Jemelka, Lucie Vyhlídalová

The Telegraph, once an abandoned building, was transformed into a multifunctional space featuring a gallery, coworking area, and loft. Repurposing the skeletal structure presented challenges due to size constraints. The original exterior was preserved historically.

The ground floor now houses a gallery, with a unique architectural touch, using a skeletal framework.

The second floor hosts a flexible coworking space with glass offices and a light-filled design.

The cafe on the third floor seamlessly connects to a multifunctional room for events and film screenings.

The loft, an artistic salon, is located on the top floor, offering a distinct ambiance with art installations, a modern dining area, and two bedrooms with unique designs.

The project incorporated recycled materials and historical elements. The effort aimed to create an architecture serving as a dynamic backdrop, enhancing the urban experience in the neighborhood.