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The level of abstractness

Cooperation between the Faculty of Architecture of the BUT, represented by students from the Toman - Jemelka and Hora - Hora - Veisser studios and the city of Litomyšl, the students exhibited their proposals for a city gallery for Litomyšl in the halls of the castle brewery. The exhibition was called The level of Abstraction and, in addition to architectural projects, it also showed abstracted concrete models of proposed buildings on a scale of 1:30. The intention was to present the architecture as if it were a sculpture exhibition. The author of the concept of the exhibition was Daniel Menšík, a 5th-year FA BUT student.

The second part of the exhibition consisted of an exhibition of works from the Toman — Jemelka studio on the theme of Self and space for art. The works were created within the course Basics of architectural design under the guidance of architects Radek Toman and Vojtěch Jemelka. The topic was the design of spaces where light will play the main role. In the course of the work, the students experimented with light, finding out what its possibilities are; they tested what functions light has and what emotions light can evoke in us in a series of experiments. They documented the experiments with the help of photographs exhibited in this exhibition. The photographs move on the border between fantasy and reality, as the students used the projection of specific models on the wall, entering this space themselves when taking photographs and thus becoming a part of it.