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TITUL 2023

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Adéla Šoborová, Anna Kotlabová, Jan Foretník, Rostislav Koryčánek
Other authors: Klarisa Ach-Hübner, Diana Bevelaquová, Matyáš Černík, Radek Daniš, Jakub Dohnal, Zoja Doupovcová, Silvie Drešrová, Dagmar Dvořáková, Adam Hajdák, Petra Hanušová, Monika Hvězdová, Jakub Igaz, Marika Janíková, Alžběta Jansová, Barbora Kopečková, Tereza Kusnierzová, Natálie Laníková, Oskar Mardo, Eliška Michalčíková, Jakub Nohejl, Kateřina Novotná, Adéla Orságová, Jan Pekař, Jana Řehořová, Karina Shumlyanska, Karolína Tichá, Ondřej Válek, Martin Vojtíšek, Jiří Zezulka

The exhibition of the best female architectural graduates presents the visions of young architects

The Titul exhibition presents the final bachelor's and master's theses of the students of the Faculty of Architecture of BUT, which were awarded by independent judges. They mainly evaluated the quality, sophistication, above-standard or topicality of the submitted works. Models and publications represent a total of twenty-one projects in Brno's Alfa Passage until July 17. On display is a new alternative approach to Kraví Hora, a solution to the Geneva metropolis, modern chats and much more.

The Faculty of Architecture presents the visions of young architects through diploma theses for the third time. The general public can thus see what topics are currently being addressed in the profession of architects and urban planners. Master's theses are preceded by a theoretical-analytical part. The topics are discussed in depth and represent a critical reflection on the given issue. They provide ideal, unencumbered solutions that can become the basis for development in the company.

Diploma projects deal not only with different geographical locations, but also with various social problems and the like. The exhibited projects include, for example, the design of a home for the elderly by Klarisa Ach-Hübner, who was not satisfied with meeting all the standards. It attempts to come up with its own new standards reflecting the demands of all stakeholders in order to create a new home for dignified aging. Solving the gap on the street tr. Kapitána Jaroš in Brno by Jan Pekař combines healthy living with social life. Ondřej Válk's work analyzes the number and today's need for churches and their alternative multifunctional use. The urbanist idea of Dagmar Dvořáková, on the other hand, works with the use of space on the borders of the Swiss cantons. Oskar Madro's extensive reflection deals with the territory of Kraví hora in the context of the climate crisis.

The projects were selected by an independent commission consisting of Lukáš Kohl, Regina Loukotová, Markéta Zdebská, Peter Jurkovič, Igor Kovačević and Jitka Ressová. Eighteen projects and the two best studios will be presented through models and curated texts. The exhibition is complemented by a collection of all one hundred and thirty-eight publications of recent graduates in the window of the adjacent cafe Kšeft.

Title 2023
30 June – 14 July 2023
Alfa Passage, Poštovská 6, Brno

Concept and architecture of the exhibition:
Jan Foretník
Rostislav Koryčanek
Anna Kotlabová
Adéla Šoborová

Jan Foretník
Rostislav Koryčanek
Anna Kotlabová
Tanya Sedová

Graphic design:
Krisitian Manas (Florian Karsten)