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Ukrainian Heritage Under Threat: Wartime Kyiv

The ongoing war conflict in Ukraine, sparked by Russian aggression, has implications across all aspects of daily life. Since the very beginning, there has been systematic and extensive destruction of the cultural heritage, resulting in irreplaceable losses of historical sites. Among the population, resistance is taking place in various forms, including the cultural domain, where Ukrainian heritage, not limited to architecture, plays a crucial role.

Across the country, two contrasting phenomena are observed concerning the population's relationship with their monuments and memorials. Alongside a wave of decommunization and the unregulated dismantling of monuments that glorify the ideology of the former USSR regime, there is an initiative by citizens who, through informal small-scale architecture, aim to protect monuments that reflect the history of the Ukrainian nation.

The exhibition finale on 5th October 2022 will be followed by a lecture and discussion with Ievgeniia Hubkina. The lecture will take place at 6:00 PM at the Architecture Gallery Brno, located at Starobrněnská 18. The event is part of Architecture Day in Brno, and admission is free.

The exhibition and lecture are held under the auspices of Mayor JUDr. Markéta Vaňková and with financial support from the city of Brno.

  1. 8.–5. 10. 2022
    Curator / Exhibition Architecture: Eva Truncová
    Production: Eva Truncová
    Installation: Klára Walterová, David Vaculík, Eva Truncová
    Acknowledgments: Radek Toman, Adéla Šoborová, Petr Sedlák, Lucie Zádrapová, Martin Králík, Klára Walterová, David Vaculík, Alex Bykov, Šárka Svobodová, Petr Hasala
    Graphic Design: Pavel Holomek

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