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Under the glacier

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Kristýna Smržová, Barbora Ponešová
Other authors: Kristýna Smržová, Barbora Ponešová, Michael Gabriel, Petr Preininger, Kateřina Nováková, David Boháč, Adéla Orságová, Sapozhnikova Irina, Monika Turčíková, Filip Luňák and Igor Kuvač from University of Banja Luka

At the beginning we wanted a cloud but it turned out to be an iceberg."
On the outside, an expressive construction of animal shapes, on the inside a translucent canopy resembling the ceiling of a glacial cave.
The liveliness and randomness of the resulting form reflects well the way the object was created. Apart from vague ideas about the future form and material, not a single detail or structural solution was planned. Each contact, rib or joint was devised and added only when the need for it arose; the shape of the shell was also spontaneously dug into the ground and laminated.
The object was created in a workshop at the FA studio of Kristýna Smržová and Barbara Ponešová, focusing on the Design-Build methodology. The Design-Build methodology has been tested to the literal essence of its name by the aforementioned process.
Status: installation in the courtyard of FA BUT Brno 5/2022