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Under the surveillance

"Surveillance systems serve both preventive and punitive purposes, and their presence today is intuitive and rarely questioned. Foucault described how the statistical processing of information about the population and its subsequent application has been an indispensable component of power in the modern state since the 19th century.
The belief that the built environment can influence behavior or even consciously construct an entire society is inherent to architects and has appeared in various mutations in the profession from the Enlightenment to the present. Even today, environments continue to be designed with the aim of guiding human behavior, preventing criminal activity, and selecting suitable and unsuitable "users." Some authors today speak of the militarization of public space in connection with its modifications, which are intended to prevent both "antisocial behavior" and protect buildings from potential threats. Similar to how desirable and undesirable users are selected, designated urban spaces compile a list of desirable and undesirable activities."
Graphic Design:
Pavel Holomek
Jan Kristek, Jaroslav Sedlák, Petr Hasala, Radmila Presová, Adéla Šoborová, Pivovarský dům Poupě