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Villa with a view

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    Jan Kratochvíl
    Other authors: Tereza Ježková, Martin Štěpánek

    The urban solution was solved comprehensively, as one set of five family houses. The houses are placed on planned plots in such a way that they optimally use the space of their plot, do not compete with each other and do not limit the surrounding plots. As part of the proposal, new communication and the anticipated networking of the plots were also addressed.

    The object is designed as an urban villa house of a compact shape with a distinctive architectural morphology. The building faces the street with a distinctly vertically structured staircase facade, and the garden with generous glazing connecting to the black glass panels with a terrace in front. The eastern facade of the building has already calmed down, enlivened by a set of windows and a terrace accessible from the children's rooms, which at the same time creates a roof
    terraces in front of the guest room and bathroom on the ground floor. There are windows from the technical background on the north facade. When designing the house, the main emphasis was placed on meeting the investor's requirements and making maximum use of the view of the center of Šlapanice.