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Village house

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    Jan Hora
    Other authors: Jan Veisser, Barbora Hora

    The goal of the project was to show that a country house should not look like a city villa located casually in the middle of a housing estate, which is a common phenomenon in most projects today. Rather than isolate the estate from its surroundings, it needs to open up and find its way back to the street. Instead of turning away from the street, point out its existence. Unlike the garage, the prominent window was meant to articulate the connection between the interior and the street. However, an important aspect was the preservation of the privacy of the residents - a well-known element of the local country houses is also the private yard located behind the wall.

    The homestead is located on the edge of the village, where the traditional rural structure has been replaced by villas of a more urban character. It seems as if the house forms an imaginary boundary between old and new urbanism. The land is narrow and sloping. The proposal came out in an elongated, single-story shape. The scale of the house corresponds to the scale of the local traditional homestead. The building boundary returns as close to the street and neighbors as regulations and neighborhood relations permit.

    The roof is bright red and the walls are white so pure that you squint. A traditional porch provides pleasant shade. A shield facade with a bay window forms the face of the house. The bay window gently breaks through the facade and the surface gradually seems to soften. This is one of the main features of the house.