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What time is it?

Josef Chybík
Other authors: Adam Rujbr

The clock machine on náměstí Svobody Square in Brno is located in front of the Omega department store and forms a vertical element to it, enriching the space with aesthetic value. The work has a number of names. It is referred to e.g. as a multifunctional clockwork or a time machine.
The body of the clockwork consists of seven black polished stone segments. At the base, the machine has a diameter of 1,700 mm and rises almost 6 m above the vast surface of Brno's central square. It is reminiscent of a shell, as it is a monument to the battle with the Swedes in he 17th century.
Above the fixed parts of the machine's body in the top area, there are two stone parts equipped with movable segments. These two upper parts of the clockwork rotate together 360° in one minute. In addition, the topmost part with the so-called minute hand rotates separately once per hour. A special feature of the clockwork is that every day at 11.00 a.m. (or on special occasions every hour) a glass ball falls out of the clockwork – the time 11.00 a.m. refers to the famous legend when the bell-ringer in the nearby Church of St. Peter and Paul on Petrov hill deliberately struck noon an hour earlier, which saved the town from a siege by the Swedes.